Booking FAQs and Terms and Conditions


Making a booking is easy! Just tell us what you want to do, when you want to do it, and who will be taking part, then leave it to us to make all the arrangements!


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For answers to frequently asked questions, please see below:


Q: Where will our workshop/event take place?

A: Venue names are always listed on your invoice and other booking documents. The full address and map link for your workshop venue is available at    


Q: How much do workshops cost? 

A: Prices depend on the nature of the booking you want to make, We make every effort to keep our costs low and to subsidise workshops for state schools and groups from disadvantaged backgrounds as much as possible, so have higher rates for leisure and corporate groups. Prices are generally based on the group size and event duration. Minimum rates apply*: 

  • Education Groups based on groups of 25+. Teachers go free but must be present and are encouraged to participate.

    • Two hour workshops from £18.50 per person 

    • Three hour workshops from £25 per person 

    • Four hour workshops from £35 per person

    • Full day (six hour + lunch) workshops from £47.50 per person

    • £5 surcharge per person for film acting, armed stage combat, and make-up demonstrations due to extra equipment and resources required. 

  • Leisure Groups have a split price structure depending on the group size:

    • 90 minute parties from £30.50 per person for the first 15 people, then £17.50 for each extra person

    • Two hour parties from £40.50 per person for the first 15 people, then £20 for each extra person

    • Three hour parties from £45 per person for the first 15 people, then £22.50 for each extra person

    • Extra fees may apply for selected activities when extra equipment or resources are required.

  • Business programmes aim to use our premium spaces in West End theatres, hotels and other top creative spaces with a higher ratio of practitioners to participants, compared to our other programmes. Sample prices for groups of 15+ are:

    • Three hour events from £85 per person

    • Full day events from £165 per person

    • Full day with buffet lunch from £195 per person

*All workshop prices include VAT, West End studio hire, practitioners and tailoring to your group's needs and interests as part of our bespoke service.

Q: Do teachers have to pay for workshops?

A: No, teachers accompanying students groups are free but must be present and we do encourage them to participate. 

Q: Who leads the workshops? 

A: All Theatre Workout workshops are led by trained, professional theatre practitioners including actors, singers, dancers, directors, fight directors, make-up artists etc. Many of our team have performed in the West End, on national tours or have credits with companies like the RSC and National Theatre. Some have their own production companies but all have extensive experience leading workshops and have received training from Theatre Workout. All Theatre Workout practitioners are DBS (formerly CRB) checked and are covered by Theatre Workout's public liability insurance.

Q: Are there minimum or maximum numbers for your workshops? 
A: No. We will work with any group of any size, age, ability etc. However, for large groups we may split them between different studios with multiple workshops running simultaneously. 

Q: Are there any minimum fees for workshops? 
A: Yes. Prices vary depending on the nature of your event but are generally based on groups of 15, 20 or 25+. Contact Theatre Workout for more information. 

Q: We're a school, charity or not for profit organisation, so do we have to pay VAT? 
A: Yes. VAT is included in all prices quoted but exceptions may apply to some hospitality services such as travel and some guided tours. Many schools and charities can reclaim VAT from HMRC but you do have to pay it in the first place. 

Q: What is the youngest age Theatre Workout caters for? 
A: As a guide, seven is the youngest age Theatre Workout caters for, but exceptions may apply. There is no upper age limit!


Q: Can I get a risk assessment?

A: Given the bespoke nature of our workshops and training, content can change depending on many factors, so we do not have formal risk assessments for them. However, we do have health and safety and child protection policies in place to ensure practitioners deliver exercises which are safe, nurturing and supportive. 

Risk assessments for venues can be obtained from most venues on request. Theatre Workout does not own or manage any venues so we are not responsible for the upkeep of these facilities. However, we do monitor spaces and take steps to ensure all studio spaces are well maintained and are suitable for our needs. 

Q: Regarding Hospitality packages, is Theatre Workout a registered tour operator? 

A: Theatre Workout is a member of ETOA (European Tour Operator's Association) and BETA (British Educationel Travel Association) but is not a tour operator. We offer an award-winning one-stop-shop booking service for tickets, tours, accommodation, travel, meals and attractions for groups on request, designed to give you a relaxed and enjoyable self-guided trip.

Theatre Workout is not responsible for the delivery of third-party services but we work with a network of trusted agents and industry partners to access the best quality services and prices on behalf of clients.


In the rare case of problems with services booked, these should first be dealt with by suppliers direct, but if that is unsatisfactory, Theatre Workout will do everything within its power to liaise with suppliers to find a suitable solution on client's behalf. Please see our full terms and conditions for further information. 

Q: I want to protect my trip - what can I do? 

A: Certain aspects of your trip are protected. If a performance or other activity is cancelled by the service provider they are responsible for refunding you. However, they are not responsible for any impact on the rest of your booking, such as if a coach or train is diverted or breaks down. 

Theatre Workout, in partnership with Endsleigh Insurance Services now offer competitive single trip travel insurance protection for your group which we recommend to all clients to protect their trip in the event of unexpected events which cause delays or cancellations to your trip. Read more here

Q: Does Theatre Workout Hospitality charge booking fees?

A: Yes. Booking fees are charged for hospitality services and activities. Fees are included in the total amounts shown on your invoice.


Q: How do I pay for my booking?

A: Payment details are on your invoice. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or by card via Pay Pal.


Q: I need to change my booking - is that possible?

A: If your booking is still reserved, you can amend any aspect of your booking. This includes changing dates, times, workshop content, show choices etc.


If your booking has been paid for, additional fees may be charged for changes to your booking. Studios, theatre tickets, and other hospitality expenses are paid for once payment is received from you. These bookings cannot be cancelled, therefore changes may incur additional studio hire fees, new theatre tickets, etc. which will be passed on to clients.


Theatre Workout may also charge a £25 admin fee for arranging changes to confirmed bookings.

Clients are advised to check all booking details before payment is made to prevent later changes to the booking.

Q: Data protection, usage and management:

A: Theatre Workout may use your contact data for marketing purposes, to tell you news and other programme information related to your interests. You can opt out of this service at any time. If you unsubscribe, your data record may be kept for compliance purposes but we will not use it for future marketing. 


Your data may be shared internally with practitioners and externally with supplier partners for the sole purpose of developing and delivering your booking(s).


Theatre Workout will not sell or share your data in any way with other third party organisations.

Data is stored securely in trusted, password-protected, online systems which are integral to the management and delivery of Theatre Workout's services. This may include, but not limited to, document storage (Drop Box), C.R.M. (Capsule), accounting (Xero), marketing (Mail Chimp), and payment (Pay Pal) platforms, which are accessible only by Theatre Workout staff. 


Theatre Workout takes full responsible for the safe sharing of your data, and partner systems have been chosen in part due to their security features. Some data, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses, may be stored locally on physical devises which are password protected. In the unlikely event of any data breech, Theatre Workout will work with our partners to ensure your personal data is protected to the best of our ability.  

Your data may be kept as long as is legally permitted as part of Theatre Workout's commitment to deliver the best possible service to clients. Your data records may be deleted by Theatre Workout on receipt of a formal, written request. 

Q: How does Theatre Workout source third party suppliers?

A: Theatre Workout works with some suppliers direct. In other cases, we use specialist agents to access the best trade offers, some of which are not available to the public. This is particularly the case for accommodation and coach hire. Our agents have a strong industry reputation and make every effort to ensure suppliers are suitable for our client's needs.


Q: Something went wrong - I want to complain. Who do I contact?

A: We take complaints seriously. We make every effort to ensure all our clients receive the best possible service by Theatre Workout, its partners and suppliers, but occasionally the best plans can go wrong. 


In the case of issues with Theatre Workout's workshops, everything will be done to ensure the session delivered meets your needs. Theatre Workout takes full responsibility for any issues relating to workshops, and will do what we can to remedy any concerns as quickly as possible. If unavoidable issues impact the delivery of your workshop causing delays or cancellations you will receive a refund or replacement booking, but Theatre Workout cannot take any responsibility for any additional costs incurred, such as for travel. 


In the case of any third party booking, such as for theatre tickets, travel or accommodation, Theatre Workout is not responsible for the delivery of these activities. Responsibility lies with the service provider, who should be your first point of contact if something goes wrong. Please speak with on-site staff straight away, but ensure you inform Theatre Workout of any developments. If on-site staff are not able to address your concerns, please contact Theatre Workout immediately and we will look into it on your behalf.


For clarity of information, all complaints must be made in writing by email. Please contact Theatre Workout on with full details of your complaint, so we can log it against your booking and investigate with suppliers, practitioners, venues, etc.


For more information on our quality assurances, insurance and services Theatre Workout provides itself, please see our full terms and conditions above, agreed to when bookings are paid for.


In the case of emergencies, you can call Theatre Workout on +44 (0)20 8144 2290 to discuss and we will do everything possible to assist yo