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About Us

"One of the top ten drama trips in the UK"

Theatre Workout was founded by Adam Milford, who has grown the business into a multi-award-winning Theatre training and travel company, working across the education, cultural and travel industries. 

Founded in 2006, we've positioned ourselves between West End theatres, UK schools and the group travel industry to inspire a life-long love of theatre in the students we serve, bridging the gap between education and the creative world of theatre. 

Chosen by 38 West End productions to provide their official education programmes, Theatre Workout has also partnered with leading arts, education and travel organisations, making Theatre Workout the market leader for creative learning in London's West End.

We recognise the great value of both creative learning and travel in all stages of our development. Whether we're young or old we're never too old to play, create and grow. Creativity and travel raises aspirations, builds character, and provides cultural experiences through the places we visit and people we meet. This is why we champion drama and creativity in schools and support schools who want to travel on school trips to maximise their experience and enhance their curriculum, and why we work with businesses and professionals to enhance their continued growth and development.

As such, Theatre Workout is a member of leading associations to drive advocacy, build engagement in the sectors and influence local and government policy. These associations include: Action for Children's Arts, Arts Award, Artsmark, BETA (British Education Travel Association), the Creative Industries Federation, Cultural Learning Alliance, and the Independent Theatre Council. We hold a Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge and we are a co-founder of the Drama, Theatre and Education Alliance.

Read more about our journey below or contact us for more information today.  

"Days like this really enhance the curriculum"

Valley Park Community School

Why I created Theatre Workout

I wasn't a confident child at school. I was shy, quiet and my self esteem wasn't great. However, that changed on an A-level English trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon in 1994.


We saw King Lear and The Merchant Of Venice, did a theatre tour, and took part in a workshop with two actors from the RSC.


I was fascinated, a little terrified, but I wanted to do more. A few months later I got another chance with Compass Theatre, and I threw myself into it. My confidence started to soar and I knew what I wanted to do!


I have worked and trained in theatre ever since, and now work as an actor, director, West End collaborator and all-round theatre practitioner who has worked in all areas of the industry.

I can trace my entire career back to that first workshop with the RSC. It was a life-changing moment for me which boosted my confidence, brought me out of my shell, and which has enabled me to acheive things I never would have imagined. Had I been told then that one day I would perform at the National Theatre, work with Disney and DreamWorks, establish the English Theatre In Venice and appear in a BAFTA winning film, I would never have believed it!

I can testify first-hand for the power of theatre to change lives. I created Theatre Workout to give that same, life-changing opportunity to others, and I am delighted when I see students open up and take risks in the workshops I run. 


I hope we get the opportunity to share our passion for theatre with you soon.


Adam Milford

Actor, Director, Producer and Founder of Theatre Workout.

Our story
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