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Theatre Workout Schools Programme
Theatre Workout's award-winning workshops are available in schools across the UK, to enhance any school's curriculum and offer an affordable and engaging opportunity to engage with professional theatre performers and creatives.
Our programme includes:
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For schools:

Theatre Workout's West End and Outreach workshops are ideal for delivering focused, specialist training and theatre experiences to maximise your school's theatre visit, or to expand a specific part of the curriculum, but students learn best when they can practice and develop techniques over time.


Theatre Workout Academy offers weekly classes and after-school clubs which allow students to learn techniques, apply them to performance projects, practice, and develop skills throughout the term.


This approach is proven to build greater confidence, inspire more creativity and imagination, develop strong communication skills, improve mental health, plus it can support other aspects of the curriculum.


Theatre Workout Academy can also provide schools with holiday programmes, private one-to-one coaching for children wanting to take LAMDA exams, and CPD training for teachers to enhance your teaching repetoire and integrate drama further into your curriculum.

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For individuals:

Theatre Workout Academy programmes workshops and short courses for individuals to enrole in. These may include:


  • Holiday programmes for children and young people in the summer and Easter holidays

  • Professional development workshops and short courses designed for actors, theatre professionals and drama teachers

  • Private, one-to-one coaching, such as for preparation for LAMDA exams, performances or other assessments.

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