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EFL West End Workshops
for international Groups

  • Sending students to the UK to learn or improve their English?
  • Want a more creative learning experience?
  • Looking for an entertaining extra-curricular activity?

Specifically designed for international groups, Theatre Workout's EFL West End Workshops are a fun, creative and engaging way to improve your group's English through the universal language of theatre!

Theatre Workout's EFL West End Workshops make the West End accessible to all, no matter their level of English. Bespoke workshops can be tailored to suite beginner, intermediate and advanced speakers.

Using physical techniques and the universal language of theatre we support students of all levels of English-speaking ability. They are able to actively participate - to play, create and perform, while learning new vocabulary, building confidence, developing communication skills, and other skills young people need!

Shakespeare-based workshops are also available for all levels.

Workshops are available as one-off sessions around your itinerary, or as longer part or full-time courses lasting up to two weeks.

Plus, as part of our DMC service, we can package your bespoke workshop with conventional English classes, home-stay accommodation, and everything else your group needs for their trip once they arrive in the UK!

Beginner Engish
Beginner Groups


This workshop is physical, fun, and entertaining for all ages, and is specifically designed for groups with a low-level understanding of English.


We focus on physicality, communicating through movement, teaching aspects of dance, physical theatre, clowning or stage combat as we encourage students to play, create and express themselves.

These techniques are ideal for beginner level English speakers as we can teach by physically showing students what to do. They learn through sight, and then through creative play, just as all children learn to speak their first words.

Intermediate Groups


We introduce more conceptual ideas based on storytelling, which is the root of all theatre and art. By creating stories through movement and image theatre, students create diverse characters and tell their own stories in groups which can be brought to life in performance.


This workshop helps students develop new vocabulary, gain confidence in their language skills, develop strong communication techniques, and improve their teamwwork and leadership abilities.

This workshop will also develop an understanding of how to communicate effectively, using all our methods of communication, and an appreciation of the benefits of storytelling.

Story telling at Prince of Wales Theatre.JPG
Advanced groups
Advanced Groups


Our experience has shown that even advanced English speakers have little experience in drama, and so this workshop challenges them to develop a greater understanding of the complexities of the English language through performance.


Shakespeare, and material from our West End play and musical partners can be used to explore expression of thoughts and emotions through diverse characters, boosting confidence and creativity.

Shakespeare-Based Workshops

These workshops challenges students to develop a greater understanding of the English language through Shakespeare's work,

Beginner level groups focus of storytelling through image theatre - creating characters and expressing emotions through body-language, and recreating key scenes in groups. 

Intermediate groups explore specially adapted scenes to become familiar with Shakespeare's text, staging abridged scenes and speeches, gaining a better understanding of their chosen play.

Advanced English speakers can participate in Theatre Workout’s full Shakespeare workshop, learning more complex acting and publich speaking skills as they explore Shakespeare's work from an actor’s perspective.

Shakespeare EFL
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