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Youth Group Travel Scheme

A new scheme is being proposed to improve and replace the old List of Travellers Scheme, which was a victim of Brexit. The new scheme would allow for supervised groups of EU nationals and residents under 18 years of age, to travel to the UK for a period of up to 6 weeks, to take part in group educational tours, school exchanges, English Language courses and organised cultural educational visits without the need to present an EU passport or visa.

Last week, the British Educational Travel Association (BETA) published the results of a Delta Poll to investigate whether the general public would support the scheme - of which two thirds would! You can view the results of the poll here. It has been picked up by several news feeds including the FT.

Having spoken to many EU clients in recent weeks, the school and youth travel sector is rapidly recovering in Europe, but they're just not coming to the UK, specifically because of this issue, so we are delighted this is in the works. We recognise that it will take time to complete, but it will make a significant difference to travel to the UK from the EU.

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