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We're Back!

I am delighted to announce we are running our first workshop in 16 months this week!

Our last workshop took place on 17th March 2020. It was a musical theatre workshop for a group of American students. Although we had another 18 workshops booked before the end of the month, they were all cancelled.

But, this week, we are finally running an in-person workshop!

Oxford Royale Academy has invited us back to run a drama workshop for their summer camp. We’ve worked with them for several years, and while many of our other summer camp clients have been unable to operate again this year, Oxford Royale Academy have fortunately been able to proceed.

Purely by coincidence, this first workshop will be led by the same practitioner who ran our last, Tom, an actor who has appeared in West End productions, TV and more in recent years, and who started working with Theatre Workout in July 2011 – exactly ten years ago today!

I am extremely grateful to Tom, and all our fantastic practitioners, for everything they have done for Theatre Workout, and for me, not just in the past year, but over the past 15 years. They’re all amazing and I can’t wait to get back into the studio to deliver more workshops very soon.


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