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Theatre Workout: Act Two

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

We've had a lot of time to reflect in the past year. Covid-19 hit us all hard and we thought our adventure was over!

Act One ran for 14 years, almost to the day. It saw us build a global audience, run workshops for 140,000 students from around the world, deliver conferences, teambuilding events, corporate training programmes, summer schools, and win multiple awards. We founded the English Theatre in Venice with a production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, stage showcases in West End theatres, and produce our own London productions. We built up an amazingly talented pool of practitioners who helped us deliver the official education programmes for 37 major West End productions, and we baceme the leading producer of educational workshops for the West End theatre sector.

During the past year of lockdowns we have:

  • Helped to launch and run the Drama and Theatre Education Alliance and the London Tourism Co-operative.

  • We've taken our summer school and Academy programme online

  • Developed a drama curriculum of our own which is in the process of being produced for online streaming

  • Started to re-connect with theatre producers to develop new West End education programmes

  • Won two Greater London Enterprise Awards, and been shortlisted for two Music and Drama Education Awards

  • We've launched three new brands for specific services we offer:

    • Teambuilder.London for corporate teambuilding events and hospitality

    • Creative DMC for bespoke creative and cultural group travel packages, specialising in school trips

    • West End Workshops for professional standard drama training in the heart of London's West End

We're not out of the woods yet. Despite the planned reopening of theatres and the wider economy in May and June 2021, we're unlikely to be able to fully relaunch until September 2021 at the earliest!

But, this is just the interval and while Act One was amazing, Act Two is going to be AWESOME!!!

We plan to build on all of our achievements with:

  • Online, outreach and live workshops for schools and students to enjoy.

  • New production concepts.

  • Specialist training for corporate clients and leisure groups rooted in theatre and performance as we build on the success of our education programme for schools.

  • A body of resources and opportunities focused on developing children's mental health, boosting confidence, creativity and play.

  • After school drama clubs.

No, we haven't got it all figured out, but we hope you will join us for the next chapter of our journey!

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