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The UK Creative Industries report & #WeAreCreative

On 21st July 2021, the Creative Industries Federation and Creative England jointly published their major new report, The UK Creative Industries: unleashing the power and potential of creativity. It is the first publication from the Creative UK Group. Alongside this, They have launched their new member-led campaign, #WeAreCreative.

The report and the campaign, both designed in collaboration with members like Theatre Workout, aim to show the world just how essential the UK’s creative industries really are and crucially, the incredible potential of creativity, to regenerate places, rebuild the economy, drive innovation and create jobs in all parts of the UK.

Key Findings

The Creative Industries have the power to drive our post-pandemic recovery.

With the right investment, the UK’s Creative Industries can create 300,000 new jobs by 2025. That's enough new jobs to employ the working age population of Hartlepool and Middlesbrough twice over.

By 2025, the Creative Industries could contribute £132.1 billion to the economy in GVA, bouncing back faster than the wider economy and driving the UK’s economic recovery.

The Creative Industries support whole swathes of the wider UK economy.

The data reveals the incredible power of the creative sector to drive the wider economy.

New supply chain modelling estimates that prior to the pandemic, when taking into account the businesses that supply the Creative Industries, the creative sector directly supported 3.5 million - or more than 1 in 10 - UK jobs.

It is absolutely essential that we invest in creativity to ‘level up’ the UK .

Covid-19 has hit parts of the Creative Industries particularly hard, including the performing arts, museums and freelancers, while the Creative Industries in Wales and the North East are projected to be slowest to recover.

This is alarming - it is precisely these parts of our sector that make the biggest impact on the wider economy.

What Next?


In the run up to the Spending Review, we need to show government just how important we really are. It’s time to show to the world just how much we matter - and how much we bring to communities up and down the UK. Share content you’ve made, show pictures of your work, write a post. However you do it, remember to tag your local MP and use the hashtag, #WeAreCreative.


You have the link to the report now - share it far and wide! We would love for you to share it with your networks and help spread the word that bit further within the sector and beyond.

You can check out our social media assets on Twitter, and retweet, quote tweet - however you like!

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