Socially Distanced Theatre (and how to make it)

These are abridged notes for our CPD Workshop on creating and teaching socially distanced theatre, which first ran on Zoom on 10th August 2020.

The focus of this session is on devising and creating theatre, rather than how to stage it with an audience, ticketing, etc. it features a few core exercises, discussion topic, and is the basis of extensive teaching opportunities Post-Covid-19.

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The Physical Space

How you control your physical space will be determined by the space you have. It is important to understand how your space will be managed to ensure you can teach safely, allow for creativity to flow, and to meet your school’s risk assessment policies.

Open Drama have produced some advice, which may now be slightly out of date, but which may prove useful as a starting point. You can access this here:

The exercises discussed in our Socially Distanced Theatre Workshop can all be delivered with students positioned with social distance guidelines.


Getting students back into the creative process requires some preparatory exercises to focus their minds. They include vocal and physical warm-up techniques, but also exercises to get them playing, thinking and behaving in a creative way.


1. Invite students to point at things and say what they see.

2. In your space, this time point at something and then point at a second thing, calling it the name of the first thing you pointed at. Continue looking around the room calling each thing by the name of the thing before it.

3. Everything you point at can be called anything other than what it really is. You can say any noun to describe it, as long as it is not the one thing it actually is.

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