School Trip Roadmap - Updated

School day trips have been permitted since Monday 12th April [1].

School day trips UK #The Great Outdoors

Since then, the great outdoors has been the sought-after destination with schools taking advantage of the outstanding opportunities across the UK, even in London.

Our dedicated school trips team at Creative DMC have been taking bookings for Covid-safe itineraries featuring zoos, national parks, castles, gardens and other outdoor pursuits, helping students connect with nature, wildlife and more.

From 17th May 2021[2], art galleries, museums, and theatres began to reopen, however, with the

rule of 6 still in place, overnight trips have been a challenge to arrange, and large groups difficult for most venues to manage. However, we now have a full list of West End shows with confirmed opening dates and group rates.

On Monday 14th June, phase three was extended by four weeks, delaying phase four of the government’s roadmap until 19th July 2021, when remaining restrictions should be lifted and the full gamut of school trips can resume.

There was, however, some relaxation of rules.

Overnight school trips are allowed for self-contained class or year group bubbles of up to 30 children, thus ending the rule of 6. This means that class groups who are regularly in contact with each other can go on overnight trips together, but schools can't mix group bubbles.