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Getting Back To Work

With outdoor performances allowed, within limits, and indoor performances possible, within even more limits from 1 August 2020, here is a round-up of the information you need to know now.

As ever, in the current situation, things are changing literally from day to day so the information below will be up to date at the time of publication. Keep an eye on Theatre Workout tweets, Facebook page and our Blog for our latest updates.

Before you decide to put on performances indoors or out, you must carry out a risk assessment via and display a notice to confirm that you have done this. Read more at The headlines for opening indoor venues are:

  • Look at reducing venue capacity and limiting ticket sales to ensure social distancing can be maintained

  • Put all ticket sales online and e-ticketing for help with track and trace

  • Have a limited entry approach and have clear social distancing marking in place in areas where queues form.

  • Increase deep cleaning of auditoria and schedule performances to allow deep cleaning between each show.

  • Singing and the playing of brass and wind instruments in groups or in front of an audience is restricted to professionals only.

  • Ensure performers, conductors and musicians observe social distancing wherever possible.

  • Think about ways to ensure the virus is not transmitted by handling of props, musical instruments, technical equipment, and other objects by encouraging increased handwashing or providing hand sanitiser.

What should you do if you know someone in your company or audience has tested positive for the virus

And, worst case scenario, there is new guidance on how to recognise, contain and report incidents of coronavirus.

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