Further decline in Arts Education 2020-2021

There has been another significant drop in the number of arts GCSE and A Level entries, part of a worrying trend from recent years, but hardly surprising as so few students have had any practical arts activities since March 2020.

Read the full report from the Cultural Learning Alliance here.

The result: far fewer arts GCSEs and A Levels are studied across England’s schools than a decade ago.

-38% decline in arts GCSE entries 2010 to 2021

-1% decline in arts GCSE entries 2020 to 2021

+2.4% increase in GCSE Cohort number 2020 to 2021

-31% decline in arts A Level arts entries 2010 to 2020, -1% decline 2020-2021

Although there has been an overall decline in arts subjects, there are a few positives to note. There has been a slight increase in GCSE Art & Design, and GCSE Music takeup, and while there has been a 3% drop in GCSE Dance, there has been an 8% increase in A-Level Dance.


England only results 2010 2020 2021 % change 2010 % change 2020

to 2021 to 2021

Art and Design Subjects 172,504 190,400 195,578 +13% +3%

Dance** 15,884 9,130 8,848 -44% -3%