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Creative Careers 2021

Creative Careers do exist - but more needs to be done to help those entering the profession avoid the traps and pitfalls, so they can cultivate life-long careers!

Information surrounding the topic of creative careers is constantly changing, but there are some useful statistics and resources available to help teachers adequately prepare their students.

The Creative Industries (which incorporates Architecture, Design, Video Games, Advertising and Marketing, and of course Theatre, Film Music and the performing arts) have been hard hit by the Pandemic. 71,000 jobs have been lost, along with about £10bn off the value of the sector.

However, the Creative Industries still outperform Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Life Sciences combined and are predicted to grow by 20% by 2025!

There are big topics to discuss with students, namely:

  • About 70% of people in Theatre, Music, and our sector of the industry are freelance, self-employed people, or they run micro companies. They don't have a regular, full-time job.

  • This means they have to be a one-person business and know the business of being an actor, singer, dancer, musician, etc. The Craft is what you sell, but you need to know how to sell it.

  • Creating and producing your own work

Theatre Workout offer talks on the Business of Theatre, Working Freelance in the Arts, and general Creative Careers for schools, combining all the latest stats with practical activities for students to do. Contact us if you are interested in organising this as an online, outreach or West End workshop.

You can see the powerpoint presentation below

Creative Careers presentation
Download PPS • 939KB

You can watch a summary presentation here on Loom.

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