Grim Brexit Briefing from ETOA: Potential Problems in South East England from March 30, 2019

The following briefing is courtesy of ETOA and is of particular import to anyone planning to travel between the UK and EU, or vice versa, after 30th March 2019, particularly if traveling by rail or ferry.

Attention has been given to difficulties confronting freight traffic leaving the UK in the event of a “Hard Brexit”. The “Operation Brock” contingency plan, details of which emerged through a Freedom of Information request, is meant to address this. It involves lorry parks running tens of miles back along the eastbound section of the M20, with intra-regional and inbound traffic using a contra flow. Provisions are being put in place for emergency roadside lavatories and water distribution. The BBC covered this in the summer, you can reed the article here.

There has been much speculation on the implications for the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Brock will occur if there is no customs facilitation with the EU. It is something that the “Chequers Agreement” was drafted to avoid. This agreement in its current form is subject to strident criticism within the UK, and was rejected by the EU. Yet Chequers places the problem of goods traffic at the centre of negotiations. Solving this problem is clearly a government priority.