Set Design Workshops

Now available from Theatre Workout are Set Design Workshops, ideal for design students, but also for drama students who are interested in the many off-stage opportunities available.

Our recent debut workshop was a huge success! We had a dozen American university design students and their lecturer said:

"I love this workshop. My students need this experience because the industry is so different over here. This was a great experience and I feel I've learned a lot too".

Set Design workshops are not lectures, they are discussions designed to engage, inform, and improve awareness of the creative roles off stage. We discussed:

  • The make up and dynamics of the creative team

  • Types of productions and core differences between them

  • Factors which may impact your design work, such as duration of run, is it a single venue or tour, scale of venue, type of theatre, etc.

  • What is the creative process? Where does it start? How do you develop your own ideas?

Students were also set a couple of small group challenges, such as discussing key themes, ideas and elements for different stage locations, such as a church, a beach, or hospital, before discussing how designs can swap from one to another seemlessly.

Learning Goals:

  • A greater understanding of off-stage roles in theatre

  • Knowledge of the creative process and relationships between various members of the creative team

  • Approaches to design

  • Develop an appreciation of how design can bring the 'world' of the production to life

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