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Life-changing: dramatic life skills

Student travel is one of the largest and resilient sectors in the group travel industry, making up 38% of all inbound travel to the UK!

The majority of international students are brought to the UK for the experience, and to help improve their English. After all, you can sit and learn a language anywhere in the world, but only immersing yourself in it can you experience it!

Increasing numbers of school groups are looking for more creative ways to support their students studies, to improve their English while developing other essential skills, and Theatre Workout is happy to oblige.

In recent years we've hosted more and more groups who speak little English, if any. They want to challenge, inspire, and excite their students, giving them a memorable experience of London's world class theatre, (which are still the most Googled theatres on on the planet).

We've seen them arrive a little nervous and hesitant, but once they start to play they relax and start to enjoy themselves. They've left excited, confident and trying to converse as best they can in this complex and confusing language we call English.

Theatre Workout has created three specialist programmes specifically for foreign language students:

  • Beginner classes comprised of physical performance techniques which we can teach visually, such as dance, physical theatre, and stage combat.

  • Intermediate classes focused on storytelling, image theatre, and character development to help students create and tell exciting, new stories.

  • Advanced classes rooted in acting, Shakespeare, and musical theatre performance techniques.

Each class builds confidence through play, by exploring the creative process, and developing performance which is shown at the end of the session.

Our testimony is not the only one worth reading. Take a look at this Guardian article about Feversham Primary Academy, a school where 99% of pupils speak English as a second language, which has turned from special measures to being in the top 10% nationally for pupil progress in reading, writing and maths. How have they achieved this? Through music and arts!

I speak from personal experience when I say "drama changes lives", because it changed mine. Getting involved in drama changed the lives of every single one of Theatre Workout's practitioners, and our goal is to give your students that same potentially life-changing experience we've all had.

Play | Create | Perform

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