You have a show - Great! Now you just need to sell it!

So, you have a show. That is great news. Now all you need is an audience!

I've worked with West End productions for over fifteen years, and I've seen a huge range of outstanding and diabolical productions, surprise hits and disappointing flops, and many which should have done far better than they did.

There is no magic formula, but there are a few lessons I've learned which may help young producers get a head start and improve their chances of making their productions a success:

The Hook

While important for any production, this is especially important for new productions. To attract your initial audience, to sell your show before the reviews are in, you need something to draw them in.

Disney can stage a new production nobody has seen, and sell out, because they're Disney. So too can Sonia Friedman or Cameron Mackintosh. People know who they are and there is an assurance of quality in their work.