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Thank you for your support

Over the mast month or so, we have been campaigning for votes for our pitch in Virgin Media VOOM competition.

Something I learned through Improbable Theatre's D&D events is 'those who come are the right people'.

No, we didn't get enough votes to get through to the next round of VOOM, but we did get almost 500 votes, many from total strangers, and we also received pledges of £1480 to our Crowd Funder campaign!

This is still a great achievement, and it has been wonderful to receive messages of support and such positive responses to our work.

I am very grateful to all the support we have received, to friends, family and colleagues who have worked hard to help generate more votes.

Thank you - you are all amazing people!

This week I will be planning our next move, how to put our funds to best use and to learn from our VOOM experience.

I invite you to continue to support our work by following us on Facebook or Twitter where you can keep up to date with new developments. You can also continue to support our work through donations to our Support Fund or through sponsoring Theatre Workout's activities.

Contact us for more information.

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