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Theatre Workout Joins UK Inbound to build new partnerships with the Group Travel Industry

Theatre Workout is delighted to join UK Inbound. We are excited to connect with and develop new partnerships with the global group travel industry.

As a workshop provider, and as a DMC, Theatre Workout works exclusively with the group travel market, curating bespoke programmes rooted in creativity and culture. Membership to UK Inbound will help Theatre Workout to engage with new clients, develop more partnerships, and support the work we do to inspire young people through theatre and the arts.

Adam Milford, Theatre Workout's Founder said:

"Central to Theatre Workout's success is collaboration - collaborations with shows, producers, schools, ticketing agents, tour operators and more. This has helped us to reach a global audience, and as the travel sector is still recovering from the Covid Pandemic, joining UK Inbound now is the right time for Theatre Workout.

"The UK, despite Brexit, is still a major attraction for international groups who want to engage with British culture, creativity, and the English language. With our focus on inspiring student groups in the creative power of theatre, we hope to build on the work we started before the Pandemic and help international schools and students engage with the arts in the UK."

View Theatre Workout's UK Inboung profile here.

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