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Theatre Etiquette - is your group ready?

We all love the theatre, and we want your theatre experience to be amazing. However, for many of our groups this is a new experience, which can be overwhelming and not all groups know how best to enjoy the experience. Here are some useful things to discuss with your class before the trip:

Tickets Most tickets are digital since the Covid pandemic, so please try to use your digital ticket on your smart phone or other device. You can print your tickets at home if you prefer, but make sure you have your phone or printout with you on the day.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to call us on 0208 144 2290 or email and we can resend them to you.

Arrival To find out your best route to get to the theatre, we recommend using Google Maps or the TFL website to plan your path. Ensure you enter the correct location and don't confuse the theatres with similar names, such as the Apollo, Apollo Victoria, or Hammersmith Apollo - it happens more often than you'd think!

Bars and hospitality spaces usually open 90 minutes before the show begins, and we recommend groups arrive at least 30 minutes before the curtain rises so you don't miss the start of the show and disturb other guests.

Teachers with younger school groups are advised to get children to use the toilets before the show and during the interval.

Some theatres have cloakroom room facilities where you can store bags and coats, but not all, so please make other arrangements for bags and suitcases, or check with us for options.

Manners Absolutely no photography or filming is permitted during any show. You can take photos before the show, during the interval, and often during the curtain call, and some shows like it if you tak them, but this isn't always the case. Ask ushers when you get there if/when you can take photos.

Please do remember that mobile devices should be turned off during the show. If you turn them on during the interval, please turn them off again before the second half.

Please also ask your group to refrain from talking during the show - the acoustics are very good, so even whispering can disturb other audience members.

Please ensure that you treat all staff with respect throughout your visit. Theatres will not tollerate agressive or abusive behaviour towards staff or other audience members. They can remove you if they feel your behaviour is unacceptable.

Young people Unless specifically for young children, no West End shows allow children under the age of 3 years, and some have recommendations for minimum ages of 5+, 8+, or for adults only. This will usually be on their website, but you can ask us if your not sure.

School groups must be accompanied by supervising adults, ideally with 1 adult per 8-10 children.

Eat, Drink and Relax Most theatres sell snacks and drinks. Most theatres are fine for you to bring your own, but please avoid a hot buffet or three course meal during the show! Please also avoid noisy pastic wrappers and packaging during the performance - save it for the interval!

Upgrade your Experience Looking to add some extra flare to your visit? Most theatres now have private hospitality spaces which are perfect for relaxing before the curtain goes up or during the interval, with food and beverage options. You can also pre-order interval ice-creams, drinks and programmes to be brought to your seats at some theatres. Accessibility Most theatres in London are quite old buildings, and while most have been adapted to have accessible seating, not all theatres are step-free. Disabled guests may need to use a different entrance and accessible seating might not be where you expect it to be. Any access requirements must be requested in advance to ensure you are seated in the right place, especially for wheelchair users - If you need to stay in your wheelchair, seats may need to be removed for you, so please contact us to make arrangements.

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