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Insurance for Schools

What can you do to ensure your trip goes to plan, and to protect yourself should something go wrong?

Insurance can provide you with the protection you need, but you should check with your school insurer, local authority, or arrange single-trip travel insurance before travelling.

Below is advice from ABI, a trade body and network for insurers regarding school trip insurance:

We had a school trip planned abroad are we covered?

  • Most travel insurers will provide cover should the FCO guidance advise against travel. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises British people against all non-essential travel.

  • Schools should always first seek a refund from the venue or tour provider, and then if needed, speak to their insurer to begin an insurance claim.  

We had a school trip planned in the UK – will we be covered for not going?

  • In general, most schools will be covered under their insurance policy. Schools should always first seek a refund from the venue or tour provider. If the venue hosting a school trip can no longer do so because of official government guidance, the closure of the venue, or their reluctance to accept school trips due to their stated concerns about the spread of Coronavirus, the school will be covered.  

Read the full article and advice here:


Theatre Workout advises all schools to obtain single trip group insurance to cover your trip in the event of any cancelled activities, or cancellation of an entire trip, or should anything happen on the trip resulting in extra expenses, illness, or other issues.

We recommend Endsleigh Insurance Services who offer this service, but you should check with them before purchasing a policy and consult them if you have any questions regarding a trip, or a claim.

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