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FREE Drama Workshop for a Greenwich School

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

In support of World Theatre Day for Children & Young People, Theatre Workout is offering a FREE outreach workshop to one of our local schools in Greenwich, worth over £500!

We know, through personal experience, how beneficial Drama can be to children and young people. Working in partnership with the Drama and Theatre Education Alliance (DTEA) we want Drama to have the same status as Art and Music on the National Curriculum.

The DTEA is inviting schools, universities, theatres and other venues to invite their MP to see a performance, class, workshop etc and see how students respond. So, we're offering our local schools the opportunity to have a free workshop.

Led by our Founder and Director, Adam Milford, an actor and Drama Specialist with almost 30 years experience, our offer includes:

  • An event lasting up to two hours, with either one, two-hour workshop, or two, one-hour workshops.

  • It can be on (almost) any aspect of Drama, such as storytelling, acting, devising, or Stage Combat

  • It can be tailored to current curriculum projects

  • Up to 30 children can take part

Any school who wants to benefit from this offer should contact Theatre Workout ASAP.

As part of the event, we will send a joint invitation to our MP, Matthew Pennycook, to attend, along with local press. They may want to talk with children to learn how they feel about drama.

This is a celebration of drama in schools, not a promotional event for Theatre Workout.

About the Drama and Theatre Education Alliance (DTEA)

The DTEA is an alliance of UK associations working in drama and theatre with, for and by children and young people. Our collective membership includes thousands of individuals, theatres, businesses, schools and universities across the UK.

The three key objectives of the Alliance are:

  1. The inclusion in the curriculum of Drama as a Foundation Subject in the National Curriculum with the same status as Art and Music;

  2. The entitlement of every child to at least one annual engagement with professional theatre.

  3. A drama curriculum and theatre repertoire that is more representative of the UK's diverse population.

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