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Covid-19 Guidance for Handling Tour Groups

Current guidance (and changes to guidance) on Covid-19 is being produced almost on a daily basis by the UK Government (and Governments worldwide). There is a substantial amount of information available that includes how to social distance effectively inside and outside buildings and on passenger transport, but it is generally lacking in reference to group travel, making the planning of schol trips, tour groups, and other self-contained group packages difficult to plan for.

As a member of UKinbound and the BETA (British Education Travel Association), Theatre Workout aims to share links to new guidance whenever we can, and to incorporate evolving direction into our own practices and proceedures to plan for our reopening and, in time, to co-ordinate new trips and attract new clients as we provide much-needed assistance to schools, other educational establishments, and the global group travel industry we serve.

However, clients should always double check the latest information on We are a small team and we cannot take responsibility for changes in official government policy which may impact your decision making regarding group travel arrangements within the UK.

Further information and guidance is available below:

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