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Contries we can now go to, and vice-versa

The FCO updated its global advisory against ‘all but essential’ travel, exempting destinations that no longer pose an unacceptably high risk for British travellers.

These exemptions came into effect on 4 July. All our advice will remain under constant review to take into account the latest situation in each country.

However, it is worth noting that the global coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. No travel is risk-free, and disruption is still possible. If you plan to travel:

  • read the coronavirus travel guidance to make sure you are prepared for your travel

  • read the Travel Advice for your destination, for information on local coronavirus measures that you will need to follow

  • sign up for email alerts for Travel Advice to ensure you are informed of any changes while you are travelling

These countries have been assessed as no longer presenting an unacceptably high risk to British people travelling abroad. Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice is based on risks to British nationals, including in-country public health assessments.

The FCO continues to advise against non-essential international travel, except to the countries and territories listed on this page.

Exempt countries and territories






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