Championing Drama in Education

National Drama would love you to send a letter to your MP. We agree with National Drama that Drama in schools is always an excellent idea but especially now. There are two asks! 

We believe that Drama lessons can help learners explore their emotions, express themselves and make sense of the transitions they have been through. I hope you agree that high quality Drama lessons, even socially distanced, by their collaborative, dynamic, expressive nature, could support emotional and mental health and well-being post lockdown, and help rebuild student confidence and engagement. We therefore ask that you send their letter to support Drama lessons for all learners after lockdown to support achievement and recovery. 

You can send the letter as it is or personalise it as suggested – whatever you have time to do. But please do send it and even better, share it! 

You can download the letter here:

Template letter from National Drama
Download ODT • 7KB

Please copy and paste it into an email to your local MP, who you can find here:

Additional Information

We know that personalised letters can be more effective – please feel free to adapt the letter, write your own, and use any of this information if it helps to petition for Drama in schools to be part of schools’ recovery strategy. Every voice counts.