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Theatre Workout / Creative DMC partners with all Thames River Services

Travel the famous and historic River Thames in style through Theatre Workout

Theatre Workout is delighted to partner with all three Thames River boat services: City Cruises, Thames River Sightseeing, and UBER Thames Clipper, offering groups a versatile and affordable way to travel the river which runs through the heart of the city. So, whether you're looking for a sightseeing cruise, or just a ferry service to get from A to B in style, we have a solution for you.

City Cruises sightseeing tours

City Cruises offers a broad range of unique cruise options incluing sightseeing cruises with commentary, dinner and afternoon-tea cruises, and can be bought as a package with some of the Thames' unique attractions, such as the London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, and Shrek's Adventure.

Thames River Sightseeing tours

Thames River Sightseeing offer specialist sightseeing cruises between Westminster or Festival Pier (London Eye) and Greenwich, with single, return or hop-on, hop-off booking options, with stops at Westminster, Embankment, Festival Pier (for the London Eye), Tower Bridge and Greenwich.

UBER Thames Clipper river ferry services

UBER Thames Clipper is a classic ferry service with the most amount of stops along the river, making it a versatile and speedy way to travel the river.

Yes, it's bookable through the UBER app, but for groups it's best to book tickets in advance, and Theatre Workout can do this for you.

All three river services can be booked direct through Creative DMC as a stand-alone cruise or as part of your package with tickets, tours and, of course, Theatre Workout's outstanding West End Workshops!

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