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Groan Ups - a new play by Mischief Theatre

The first show in the Mischief Theatre’s residency at the Vaudeville Theatre, Groan Ups is a brand-new play which looks at how people grow up. Are we the same at 30 as we were at 13? Seeing if schools determine our future, join the cast of Groan Ups as they go through the painstaking troubles of adolescence into adulthood.

Groan Ups is the first of three productions to play in the Vaudeville Theatre as part of their residency. This is the first time the original Mischief Theatre company will perform in the West End, bringing a brand new play to the West End for the first time since 2016.

Mischief Theatre's other productions: The Play That Goes Wrong and A Comedy About A Bank Robbery continue to thrill and entertain audiences in London's West End.

Book tickets for Groan Ups, The Play That Goes Wrong, and A Comedy About A Bank Robbery today.

Add a bespoke workshop rooted in play and creativity, learning some of the techniques used in the creation of these brilliant productions.

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