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Theatre Workout: An EU Tourism Partner


Theatre Workout has been selected to attend an EU funded travel and tourism trade mission to Shanghai in November 2018, to engage with the Chinese market to promote, develop or exchange tourism to London's West End.

With a primary focus on Film and TV tourism, which is especially pronounced in the Chinese market, Theatre Workout has been selected to represent all things theatre, championing London's West End to a growing travel and tourism market in China.

Analysis of online activity among Chinese visitors by the European Travel Commission demonstrates that film, TV and theatre shows drive travel decisions, with more travellers seeking out unique experiences.

As a member of ETOA (European Tour Operators Association), Theatre Workout's focus will be on meeting agents and travel organisers sending tourists to the UK who want to engage with, and experience live performance by visiting theatre productions, and by participating in Theatre Workout's award-winning workshops and courses.

Find out how you can work with Theatre Workout to support our mission. Contact us for more information.

In recent years, Theatre Workout has seen a significant increase in enquiries from Chinese groups who are interested in workshops, summer schools, theatre visits, and other cultural and creative learning opportunities, which are only available in the UK.

There is a growing market, particularly in youth travel, as more Chinese students head to the UK for education and training, and to experience British culture. Theatre Workout aims to attract this market to attend its award-winning creative learning programmes.

Theatre Workout's award-winning hospitality service aims to deliver increased bookings for theatre tickets, travel and accommodation, and other tourism activities as part of new clients time in the UK.

Find out how you can work with Theatre Workout to support our mission. Contact us for more information.

Partnerships in European Tourism” is an EU initiative aimed at supporting EU tourism businesses and operators wishing to expand their businesses into the Chinese and US markets, through tutoring activities, facilitating new collaborations and partnerships around trans-European tourist products and the organisation of B2B matchmaking and other promotional events alongside international fairs.

The initiative is being delivered by a consortium of ETOA – European tourism association, the European Travel Commission (ETC) and the European Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (ECCTA).

The Shanghai conference and exhibition runs 15th-18th November 2018.

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