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Election Manifesto for the Creative Industries

"The UK’s creative industries are key to driving growth in a post-Brexit Britain. The sector is the fastest growing part of the UK’s economy, contributing £87bn in GVA. It returns four times the GVA of the automotive industry, six times as much as life sciences and nearly 10 times that of aerospace."

The Creative Industries Federation has launched a manifesto for the future of Britain's thriving creative industries for the General Election, open to all political parties.

If you work within the sector, as a creator, performer, producer, practitioner, teacher, or have any role within it, it is worth reading their manifesto and asking your MP where they stand on these important issues.

The topics covered here are important, not just for your future career, but for the UK economy. The creative industries have been sidelined for too long, and it is about time we use our voice to champion the work we do!

To read the full manifesto, click here.

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