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Five top tips for a successful audition

Casting Advice for Actors

If you have any experience of auditioning, you know all the audition basics already: Turn up early, learn your lines, and be responsive to any direction you are given, but there is more you can do to get cast, or at least get through to the next round!

The first thing to understand is what Casting Directors, Directors and Producers are looking for. 99.9% of the time they are not looking for ‘talking props’ who will obey their every command, they are looking for a partner, a collaborator, a creative member of a company who can help bring their vision to life. Looks play a part, but ultimately it is your performance which will make an impression. If you are in the room, your ‘look’ and credentials has got you through the door already, so focus on the performance.

Here are our top five tips to use at your next casting.

  1. Take control of the room with confidence, charm and respect. Greet them, thank them for seeing you, and ask how everything is going. Confident people don’t mumble or rush, so breathe, speak clearly, and without wasting time, take a moment to compose yourself ready to work.

  2. All theatre, film, television and radio productions are ultimately forms of storytelling, so try to tell a story with your performance. Take the director on your character’s journey of discovery, engage them in your character’s emotions, thoughts and feelings. Feel those emotions and experience every thought to make it believable. Don’t just read words on a page.

  3. Prepare a full character, making their voice, gesture, energy, posture, and intent different to your own. The fuller the character, the more striking the performance will be.

  4. If you aren’t happy with your performance, be honest and acknowledge it. They will certainly spot it and will be more alarmed if you pretend it was the best you could do. There is no harm saying “I’m not happy with that performance, do you mind if I try it again?” - Just make sure your next attempt is better!

  5. Take direction. It may be wild and ridiculous, but they want to see more. It is only a test to see how spontaneous and versatile you are, so play along and show them

Once you leave the room, there is nothing more you can do, so let it go and focus on the next opportunity.

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