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Circus Skills
Circus Skills

Circus skills workshops provide children with the opportunity to play with Circus activities such as juggling balls and scarves, stilts, pedalo, hula hoops, balancing feathers, poi and diabalo.


Aside from being great fun, these activities teach students develop balance, hand-eye co-ordination, spacial awareness, perseverance and more.

Mask Collection

For Reception to Key Stage 2 children, masks can be designed, made and played with based on popular stories, myths and fairytales. Masks can be made during our workshops or ahead of our visit, supported by online tutorials, and brought to life with our practitioners.

Key stage 3-5 students can explore mask techniques with half and full-face character masks, learning to perform physically and with conviction, while also learning the history of masks in theatre from ancient Greece to Commedia.


Students work in small groups to make a life-sized puppet, which we bring to life through storytelling and performance.

This workshops is an excellent option for all key stages 2-5, tailored to their ability.

Story telling at Prince of Wales Theatre.JPG
Playful Storytelling

Learning through play is an essential part of our educational development, whether you are aged 6 or 60!

Storytelling helps children make sense of the world.

This unique combination provides all students, particularly younger children in reception or key stages 1-2 with a fantastic introduction to drama and performance.

Creative storytellin
Actress on a Stage
Play In A Day

Create, produce and perform a play in a day.

This workshops presents a unique challenge to students, demanding strong collaborative and improvisational skills as they devise an original play in just one day.

This lesson comes with pre-workshop lesson plans to prepare students for the challenge ahead.

Actors on stage
Practitioner Roundabout

Exploring the unique performance styles of Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud.


Students will explore multiple performance techniques and staging practices associated with these of the theatre's most influential practitioners, adapting, interpreting and improvising scenes from selected plays to experience the impact of their work.

Play in a Day
Practitioe roundabout
Drama Workshop 2017_edited.jpg
Theater - Training Ausbildung


In unseren maßgeschneiderten Workshops und Kursen dreht sich alles um kreatives Lernen. Sie decken alle Aspekte des Theaters und der Aufführung ab und richten sich nach Ihren Schülern.

  • Erweitern Sie den Lehrplan mit Workshops zu bestimmten Praktikern oder Leistungsstilen, die das Lernen in der Schule ergänzen.

  • Entdecken Sie Produktionen, die Sie sehen werden.

  • Unterstützen Sie Schulproduktionen oder Kursarbeitsprojekte mit fachlichem Coaching


Workshops werden in unseren Londoner Studios, in Stratford-upon-Avon oder in Ihrer Schule im Rahmen unseres Outreach- Programms angeboten.

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