CPD for teachers & Professionals

Continued professional development (CPD) is essential for all of us. At Theatre Workout we invest in training to develop our team and grow together whenever we can.
That's why we're delighted to launch our CPD training programme for teachers, actors and creative professionals. Discover our West End resources, online and live events.

Music & Drama Education Expo

Following the success of our two workshops at the 2019 Expo on Stage Combat and Drama for SEN students, Theatre Workout will run three sessions at the 2020 event on 4th and 5th March:

Wednesday 4th: a Devising Physical Theatre workshop to explore creative techniques for creating visually stimulating storytelling.

Thursday 5th: a Creative Careers talk on opportunities within the thriving creative industries, including an update on the Creative Industries Federation's 'Creative Careers Initiative', plus a Stage Combat workshop exploring foundation fight moves and tips on devising fight choreography.


Theatre Workout will be exhibiting at the Expo to discuss further CPD opportunities, school trips and workshops for schools.

Working with Text

Working with text can be a real challenge. A good script can provide a wealth of material to create diverse characters and deliver an outstanding performance, but sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

Inspired by our collective decades of professional acting experience including productions in the West End, National Theatre, RSC, UK tours and more, we've collected some of our favourite techniques for text-based work, including Shakespeare and contemporary scripts.

Led by Theatre Workout's founder, Adam Milford, himself a professional actor, this workshop has been redesigned to take place online. It will be a group session via Zoom with group exercises and discussion on techniques, exploring a few classical and contemporary scenes, with text provided in advance by email for use during the session. There may also be some break-away activities with participants paired up to try exercises out. We'll be doing as much as we can to replicate exercises we would use in a live format over this two hour session.

Friday 7th August 2020



£10 (reduced from £30)

Social Distanced Theatre & How To Make It

The theatre world is itching to get back to work but with so many unknown factors there are many challenges ahead. Schools too have had little guidance on how subjects like Drama are supposed to function.

Collaboration is essential for everything to work, so this session will discuss and explore various techniques around creating socially distanced work, including:

  • Practical exercises you can use with students

  • Devising techniques

  • Non-verbal performance 'v' text-based drama

  • Verbatim theatre

Date: Monday 10th August 2020



£10 (reduced from £30)

Enhancing English Lit through Drama

With reported plans to focus on 'core' subjects like English and Maths when secondary schools return in September, and for other subjects to be suspended until the summer term, now more than ever we need to maximise every opportunity to bring creativity into other subjects.

This session will discuss creative practices and explore practical techniques to help you be more creative in the classroom.

The session may include:

  • Shakespeare

  • Verbatim theatre

  • Storytelling

  • Page to Stage

Date: Monday 17th August 2020



£10 (reduced from £30)

Stage Combat

A day-long course learning the fundamentals of stage combat followed by devising choreography inspired by a selection of classic and contemporary plays. The course will enable you to create fight choreography with students for stage and screen which is visually stunning, safe, and true to character, including:

  • Out of distance, on target (punches, slaps)

  • In distance, off target (as above)

  • Reverse Control (grabs & pulls)

  • Contact blows (punches, kicks)

  • Falls and throws

Led by one of Theatre Workout's resident fight directors in a central London studio (tbc)

Friday 30th October 2020


£80 (£reduced from £155)

Save an extra 10% if booked with the Physical Theatre CPD on 31/10/2020

If Covid-19 restrictions are still in place this session may be rescheduled or run online. Details to be confirmed by 1st October 2020

Devising Physical Theatre

A one-day masterclass inspired by classic and contemporary practitioners, sharing creative performance techniques from the world of physical theatre including:

  • Fundamentals of energy, pace, spacial awareness, and physical communication

  • Lifts and contact improvisation

  • Devising choreography

  • Collaborative performance

The workshop will use techniques inspired by Artaud, Grotowski, Laban, Frantic Assembly, Fecund Theatre, Knee High and more.

Central London studio tbc

Saturday 31st October 2020


£80 (reduced from £155)

Save an extra 10% if booked with Stage Combat CPD on 30/10/2020

If Covid-19 restrictions are still in place this session may be rescheduled. Details to be confirmed by 1st October 2020

Drama for SEN & ESL

Inspired by our 2019 workshop at the Music & Drama Education Expo, this workshop will teach you a series of creative techniques to use with your students with SEN, or who speak English as a foreign language.

Performance is a universal language which transends spoken language barriers. Through practical techniques, you can engage and inspire creativity in students and young people who find it difficult to communicate verbally. The course will have a basis in physical theatre, dance, rythem and body-percussion, movement and physical communication.

Central London studio tbc

Friday 19/02/2021



Save 30% if booked before 15/12/2020

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