Archive West End Workshops!


Here are details of our extensive archive of official West End workshops.


Each one was developed in partnership with the show's producers and creative teams, and are available on request.


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Offiacial drama workshop created in partnership with Headlong Theatre, exploring the story, themes, language and characters in George Orwell's classic, 1984.

39 Steps

Offiacial drama workshop exploring multi-role playing, comedy and devising theatre techniques used in the long-running staging of this play at the Criterion Theatre.

A Chorus Line Workshops

Created for the Broadway transfer to the London Palladium, this exclusive workshop programme featured...

  • Musical theatre and acting techniques for groups of all ages, including corporate clients, educational groups and social events, such as hen parties and theatre groups

  • An audition masterclass for student groups, replicating the characters experience in the show through a practical workshop in which they learn choreography in real time and receive constructive advice and feedback

  • Career development talks for student groups intending to pursue careers in the performing arts

A Doll's House

An educational workshop programme created for the Old Vic production when it transferred to the West End.


The workshop featured classical acting techniques, character development and scene studies to analyse, stage and perform key scenes from the play.

All My Sons

An official educational workshop programme for the West End production of Arthur Miller's American classic, All My Sons.


The workshop featured classical acting techniques such as character development, voice and speech exercises, and scene studies to examine and stage key scenes from the show which explored the show's central themes and pivotal moments from the story.

An Ideal Husband

The official West End Workshop An Ideal Husband, featuring character development techniques and scene studies from Oscar Wilde's fantastic play.


The official West End Workshop Beautiful - the Carol King Musical, exploring Carol King's story through the staging of songs from the show, including acting techniques and a Q&A on working in the industry.

Bend It Like Beckham

The official West End Workshops for the stage adaptation fo Bend It Like Beckham, featuring musical theatre performance techniques, song and scene studies, songwriting and musical devising theatre techniques.


The official West End Workshop for Birdsong, exploring themes, subjects and characters in this Wartime play.


The official West End Workshop for Carousel, in partnership with Stanhope Productions, at the Savoy Theatre, exploring classical musical theatre performance techniques.

Carries War

The official workshop programme for the West End production of Carries War, in this fantastic staging of the wartime classic, featuring drama games and acting techniques to explore the play's central subjects, themes and characters.


The official official West End Workshop programme for Chicago, featuring songs and choreography from this brilliant show.

Educational groups experience either drama based techniques as they tackle the shows central themes of right and wrong, justice and revenge, or a musical theatre workshop learning songs and choreography from the show

Adult corporate or social groups learn songs and choreography from Fosse's musical, tailored to a grown up audience, embrassing the inner diva and performing with all that jazz!


The official official West End Workshop programme for Dreamgirls, exploring characters and the story of the show through key songs and scenes. 

Educational groups experience either drama based techniques as they tackle the shows central themes of ambition, betrayal and ego, or a musical theatre workshop learning staging songs from the show

Adult corporate or social groups learn songs and choreography from this powerful and emotional show.

Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage

The official official West End Workshops for  programme for Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage, featuring choreography to the classic songs we all know and love.

Workshops are available for hen parties, corporate events and educational groups on request


An education programme for the UK tour of Hamlet by Icarus Theatre, exploring the play and the production to enhance a school's theatre experience.


The official official West End Workshops for Hairspray were one of Theatre Workout's most successful programmes, running workshops for hundreds of groups for over 2000 people, including educational, social and corporate groups!

Groups can's stop the beat as they experience musical theatre songs and choreograph from the show.

I Can't Sing

The official official West End Workshop for the tongue-in-cheek, X Factor inspired I Can't Sing at the London Palladium.

In The Heights

The official official West End Workshop for In The Heights at the Kings Cross Theatre.


The official official West End Workshop for Andrew Lloyd Webbers West End production of Joseph, featuring Lee Mead at the Adelphi Theatre

The Lion King

Theatre Workout was licensed by Disney Theatrical Productions to run the official educational workshops for The Lion King from 2008-2015.

Our workshops featured physical theatre and musical theatre peformance techniques used by Julie Taymore in the creation of the show, with designated workshops for different age groups:

  • Younger audiences would focus on themes of the circle of life, friendship, responsibility and family through fun drama and storytelling techniques.

  • Older audiences would explore more physical theatre aspects of the show, learning aspects of animal acting, physical storytelling and group movement

The Lord of the Rings Musical

Theatre Workout's first official West End Workshop, this workshop explored physical theatre, movement and gesture, as students explored the different characters withing the show, such as orks, elves and hobbits.

The workshop drew on techniques used in the creation and rehearsal of the show, with group and solo exercises as they created their own interpretations of the show's characters, explored the central themes and found ways to tell aspects of the show's story.

Love Never Dies

As our forth partnership with Really Useful Group, Love Never Dies introduced a range of workshops for student groups, featuring acting and classical musical theatre performance techniques.

Through the lyrics from songs such as Till I Hear You Sing, students explored the central characters and their emotional journey through the show in this sequel to the Phantom Of The Opera.

Shrek the Musical

In partnering with DreamWorks, Theatre Workout created the official workshops for Shrek the Musical for its London run at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Drama workshops were available for younger audiences, which explored themes for friendship and bullying, with a staging of an ensemble number from the show.

Full-on musical theatre workshops were available for older audiences, exploring the characters and themes from the show through a selection of musical numbers and acting techniques, with a focus on acting through song.

Singin in the Rain

For the transfer of the Chichester Festival Theatre production of Singin' In The Rain, Theatre Workout developed a classical musical theatre workshop programme, which could be tailored and delivered to educational, corporate and social groups as part of their theatre visit.

The workshop featured some of the main songs and dance numbers from the show, focusing on the title number.

Sister Act

The first rule of singing is get the rafters ringing! With Woopi Goldbergs Sister Act - The Musical, Theatre Workout developed a successful musical theatre programme focused on acting through song, exploring singing technique with songs from this smash hit West End production at the London Palladium.

The Sound of Music

One of our first official West End Workshops developed in partnership with Andrew Lloyd Webbers Really Useful Group, Theatre Workout developed a workshop exploring acting techniques, songwriting, musical theatre and other performance techniques.

Groups wrote and performed their own version of My Favourite Things, explored the show's central themes, characters and backdrop, and performed ensemble numbers from the show.


Workshops took place in the London Palladium's rehearsal rooms.

The Railway Children

The official workshops for schools for The Railway Children at the King's Cross Theatre

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

As another partnership with Chichester Festival Theatre and NIMAX theatres, Theatre Workout developed a Brechtian workshop based on The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui.

The workshop explored Brectian theatre, performance techniques, and the play's central themes, which are a parody of Hitler's rise to power.

This House

In partnership with NIMAX Theatres and Chichester Festival Theatre, Theatre Workout developed the officail workshop for This House exploring the theatre of politics, public speaking, speeches, and scene studies from the play. 


Wicked was one of Theatre Workout's earliest partnerships, for which we developed a programme of drama and musical theatre based workshops, primarily for student groups, but with options for adult corporate and social groups too.

  • Younger audiences explored the themes of friendship, bullying, right and wrong, as they discovered the characters and story of Wicked

  • More advanced students would explore these same themes through performance techniques, learning songs and developing choreography as they pourtrayed the characters of Elphaba and Galinda and more.

Wizard of Oz

After developing workshops for Wicked, it was only natural that we would create the officail workshops for Andrew Lloyd Webbers revival of The Wizard of Oz.

This workshop featured drama games to explore the central subjects, themes and characters, with musical numbers from the show as students brought key scenes to life.

Zorro - The Musical

Zorro - The Musical, presented us with multiple workshop options: 


  • A musical theatre workshop exploring the musical bacdrop for the show, the culture of of Mexican music and dance

  • A stage combat masterclass including unarmed and armed combat techniques, as used in the show

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