Weekly Online LAMDA Club

Our weekly online course is designed to engage students across the UK and from around the world, delivering drama training which will challenge, inspire and nurture talent.


It is ideal for homeschooled children, international students, and those without access to local courses.

Based on the LAMDA Exam curriculum and Theatre Workout's extensive experience collaborating with West End productions, this course will teach a variety of performing arts skills with a focus on drama. Masterclasses will offer specialist activities in areas such as musical theatre and clowning, while the bulk of the course will provide an all-round drama training. 

This may include:

  • Acting - Character Development, Scene Studies, Stage and Screen techniques, Voice and Speech, Text Analysis, Accents, Mask, Physicality, Storytelling

  • Communication skills - Reading Aloud, Listening, Public Speaking,

  • Shakespeare - Verse and Prose, Performance, Character, Text Analysis,

  • Performance - Acting, Devising, Improvisation, Scene Studies

  • Musical Theatre - Singing, Dance, Acting, Performance

Courses are available for children and young people aged 7-18


Years 4-6 (ages 7-11)

Years 7-9 (ages 11-14)

Years 10-13 (ages 14-18)

Bookings are now closed for the Winter term


Winter term Saturdays 07/11/2020-12/12/20: 6 weeks - Bookings Closed.

Spring Term 09/01/21-03/04/21 (excluding 20/02/20): 12 weeks

Summer Term 24/04/21-24/07/21 (excluding 05/06/21): 13 weeks



As all sessions are run from the UK, the course will currently take place Western European Time

10.00-10.45 - years 4-6 (age 7-11 - Primary school),

11.00-12.00 - years 7-9 (age 11-14),

12.15-13.15 - years 10-13 (age 14-18)


Primary (years 4-6) £7.50 per 45 minute class.

Secondary (years 7+) £8.75 per 60 minute class.

Paid termly in advance.

Special Offer:

Get five weeks free when you enrol for a whole year (one week free per half term). Book any pay by 1st October 2020.


Our standard terms & conditions apply. Course places can be cancelled at any time giving no less than a half-term's notice. Exam fees not included.

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