"Learning that it is OK to step out of your comfort zone and take risks in front of your peers was the most valuable part of the day!"

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Theatre Workout


Team building events and developmental training in the heart of London's West End, enabling your team to connect and communicate better.

Past clients include:

Bosch, KPMG, Selex ES, John Lewis, EMC3, The YPO, The Hospital Club, and Blue State Digital. 

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Teambuilding Events

Theatre Workout's unique, theatre-inspired teambuilding events will unite your team through fun, challenging and entertaining activities.


Our programmes boost confidence, inspire creativity and imagination, and develop vital business skills, while breaking down barriers between colleagues. 


Choose from half or full-day programmes in West End theatres and creative spaces, with a host of bespoke hospitality servics.

Official West End Programmes

Since 2006, Theatre Workout has collaborated with over 35 major West End plays and musicals to develop an extensive range of exclusive show programmes for groups. 

Stage songs, scenes and dance routines with your colleagues, explore a range of social themes and skills relevant for business practice, all while gaining confidence and perform to the highest standards! 

All The World's A Stage

Acting lies at the heart of all performing arts and offers infinite possibilities for your teambuilding event.


So, whether you want to learn confidence building exercises to motivate your team or improve their presentation skills, an acting masterclass can provide you with all the answers.


Your team may learn techniques including voice and speech exercises, character development, improvisation and storytelling before stageing scenes and speeches from classic plays.

Stage Combat Masterclass

Led by professional fight directors, your group will explore stage combat techniques to stage stunning, yet 100% safe, fight scenes inspired by your favourite action hero, such as Bond, Bourne or even Buffy!


Stage Combat Masterclasses are ideal for exploring vital communication skills as you learn to listen and respond to your colleagues.


Masterclasses include unarmed and armed combat techniques, plus essential acting skills.

Strictly Dance

Theatre Workout has collaborated on dozens of major West End shows and delivered hundreds of bespoke dance classes covering all different styles.


Our dance masterclass may cover anything you've seen on Strictly Come Dancing - including the Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha and Tango, plus more contemporary styles of dance, delivering a fun and entertaining event for your group.


Dance classes are perfect for teaching your group something new, learning how to work in pairs and groups, and how to perform.

Slapstick Comedy

This is the perfect session to combine acting, stage combat, storytelling, improvisation and movement skills as you discover your own inner clown!


This fun and laugh out loud masterclass combines multiple disciplines in one fantastic session in which your team will learn to listen and respond with honesty, clarity and imagination. Clowning is a very serious business!


Read a review by the Daily Express

Developmental Training

Theatre Workout Business Training has a foundation based on stong communication techniques. Through discussion, participatory activities and self-assessment we aim to build confidence and provoke more creative throught and problem solving skills, while we explore the key topics and issues which concern you. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a vital skill required for success in business. It is one which employers are rating more and more highly and yet is one which is rarely taught.


Whether you work in Sales, Marketing, Management, HR, Training, Recruitment, Teaching or any other sector, the ability to present and speak to an audience with confidence, clarity and conviction will help you to succeed!


Theatre Workout Business employs professional actor training techniques to develop vital skills and build a strong foundation on which to improve your public speaking ability with fantastic results!


Public Speaking training is available for individuals or groups in your own office or our West End studios on request.

Confident Leadership

Every leader needs to find his or her own style, but core skills are essential for successful leadership. 


Theatre Workout can help you develop strong leadership skills which will enable you to inspire and motivate those around you, which may include:


  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to see the bigger picture

  • Listening to your team

  • Exploring the steps toward effective decision making

  • Accepting responsibility and rewards

Sales Training

People do business with people. So, how do you get the advantage on your competitor?


Theatre Workout Business explores presentation skills to keep your sales pitch engaging and focused. We'll also help you to develop an open, honest and 'likable' style, helping you become the person your clients want to do business with!

Customer Service

The way you communicate with your clients can make or break any business. With more business going online, face-to-face customer service is becoming a fine art!


Theatre Workout Business'  customer service training offers skills based on face-to-face interaction which can easily transfer to other mediums, focusing on listening skills to develop am acute understanding of communication techniques to control difficult situations with customers.

Role Play Training

Role play is a powerful theatre tool that has become common place within business and education in recent years. It enables staff to play real life scenarios with multiple outcomes, exploring important issues in your workplace.


Role play is an ideal solution for Management Training, Customer Services, HR and many other roles. Working with trained, experienced actors you will have the opportunity to succeed and fail in any given situation in safety to find the best ways of dealing with any situation.

Mediation Training

Managing disputes within your organisation, whether between staff, with clients or with partners, is a fine art and one which can be difficult to master.


Theatre Workout's Mediation Training provides your HR and Management teams with a forum in which they are free to openly discuss key issues, to try and fail, learn and develop new skills and put them into practice in a safe environment. Featuring improvisation, role play and other confidence building techniques, this is an informative and entertaining training option for your business.


Theatre Workout arranges hundreds of bespoke events every year for clients across the UK and from around the world. We work with venues of all sizes plus multiple suppliers to arrange everything you need, including travel, accommodation, catering, entertainment and much, much more!

Conference Planning and Management

Theatre Workout offer both conventional, theatre style conferences and open space conferences to provide you with the right event for you.


Theatre Style Conferences offer the best format for your event if you want to provide a training format for your delegates which feature your key-note speakers and panel discussions. These are best delivered with breakout sessions in which delegates can discuss issues raised and network with colleagues and peers.


Open Space Conferences offer the best format to share and benefit from all the knowledge and experience your delegates have to offer through open discussion on all the topics and issues which are important to them and an equal sharing of results.

Events and Entertainment

Formal dinners, award shows, parties and other social events can be arranged at a vast array of spectacular venues across London and the UK.


Theatre Workout can cover all aspects of your event including:

  • Co-ordination, planning and management

  • Venue hire

  • Design, branding and decoration

  • Catering and staffing

  • Entertainment

  • Accommodation and transport


Whatever the event you are planning, contact Theatre Workout to discuss bringing your ideas to life.

Corporate Hospitality

Theatre Workout Hospitality is a bespoke hospitality service, offering packages for groups of 10+ including: 

  • Theatre tickets and Theatre VIP packages saving up to 50% on top price theatre tickets

  • Hotel accommodation at 3-5 star hotels

  • Restaurant reservations and delicious set menus

  • Domestic group travel by coach, rail and tube

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