Bespoke Training from Theatre Workout Business


Theatre Workout Business offers a range of tailor-made training solutions built on a foundation of developing excellent communication skills. Each programme aims to build confidence and inspire creativity while addressing key concerns and issues.


Our developmental training programmes are ideal clients in any industry and may be delivered anywhere in the UK or around the world. Past programmes have been run for clients working in Sales, Marketing, Media, Management, HR, Customer Services and Teaching.

Bespoke Public Speaking Training


Public Speaking is a vital skill required for success in business. It is one which employers are rating more and more highly and yet is one which is rarely taught.


Whether you work in Sales, Marketing, Management, HR, Training, Recruitment, Teaching or any other sector, the ability to present and speak to an audience with confidence, clarity and conviction will help you to succeed!


Theatre Workout Business employs professional actor training techniques to develop vital skills and build a strong foundation on which to improve your public speaking ability with fantastic results!


Public Speaking training is available for individuals or groups in your own office or our West End studios on request.

Leadership with Confidence


Every leader needs to find his or her own style, but core skills are essential for successful leadership. 


Theatre Workout can help you develop strong leadership skills which will enable you to inspire and motivate those around you, which may include:


  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to see the bigger picture

  • Listening to your team

  • Exploring the steps toward effective decision making

  • Accepting responsibility and rewards

Sales Training


People do business with people. So, how do you get the advantage on your competitor?


Theatre Workout Business explores presentation skills to keep your sales pitch engaging and focused. We'll also help you to develop an open, honest and 'likable' style, helping you become the person your clients want to do business with!

Customer Service


The way you communicate with your clients can make or break any business. With more business going online, face-to-face customer service is becoming a fine art!


Theatre Workout Business'  customer service training offers skills based on face-to-face interaction which can easily transfer to other mediums, focusing on listening skills to develop am acute understanding of communication techniques to control difficult situations with customers.

Role Play Training


Role play is a powerful theatre tool that has become common place within business and education in recent years. It enables staff to play real life scenarios with multiple outcomes, exploring important issues in your workplace.


Role play is an ideal solution for Management Training, Customer Services, HR and many other roles. Working with trained, experienced actors you will have the opportunity to succeed and fail in any given situation in safety to find the best ways of dealing with any situation. 

Mediation Training


Managing disputes within your organisation, whether between staff, with clients or with partners, is a fine art and one which can be difficult to master.


Theatre Workout's Mediation Training provides your HR and Management teams with a forum in which they are free to openly discuss key issues, to try and fail, learn and develop new skills and put them into practice in a safe environment. Featuring improvisation, role play and other confidence building techniques, this is an informative and entertaining training option for your business.