Hamlet - Icarus Theatre

In partnership with Icarus Theatre Collective, Theatre Workout has developed an educational workshop programme for Icartus Theatre's 2017 UK tour of Hamlet. 

The King of Denmark is dead. Consumed with grief, Prince Hamlet devotes himself to avenging his father’s death with devastating consequences for his family and the Kingdom.

The spirit of a murdered king, the wrath of a vengeful son, and the turmoil of Denmark in 1601. Shakespeare’s most iconic and challenging play tells the tale of young Prince Hamlet avenging his father’s death and fighting the new King who stole his throne.

Blending traditional and physical theatre with a musical score, this muscular production brings vividly to life some of literature’s most vibrant language and characters in a way you’ve never seen before: bold, exciting, and action-packed.

Hamlet Workshop

Created by Theatre Workout and delivered by the cast, our workshop teaches performance techniques used in the production, while also exploring Shakespeare's language, helping your students develop a strong understanding of the play, its characters and themes.


Our workshops also offer:

  • An opportunity to work with a professional actors from the cast (subject to performance schedules – if we cannot provide cast members we will provide other professional practitioners).

  • Workshops for up to 30 students, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to really get involved.

  • A comprehensive education pack, ideal for further work with you students

  • Tailor-made workshops adapted to the age and abilities of your students.

  • The possibility to work on a specific scene and on different Shakespearean texts, tailoring the workshop accordingly.


Other workshops are available, which focus on specific aspects of Hamlet and this production.