Backstage Workshops, Masterclasses and Talks

Theatre isn't just about what happens on stage. There is a whole world of opportunities behind the scenes and we're delighted to offer some unique learning experiences with industry professionals. 


Delivered by professional make-up artists, this demonstration workshop covers all the basics of stage make-up design and application with professional industry tips.


90 minute demonstration covers:

  • The design process including style, genre and recording techniques

  • Application technique for stage and film

  • Demonstrations of different 'looks' on students inspired by current productions


Extended 2.5 hour workshop options include special effects, such as cuts and scars,

wigs, hair and prosthetics.

Talks and Seminars


If your students are thinking of a career in the creative industries, training is essential to ensure they are fully prepared for the highs and lows that come with it. The following talks are all led by industry professionals and are designed to generate thought and discussion on their future careers.

The Business of Theatre

This is a perfect seminar for Business, Hospitality and Leisure and Tourism students, or drama students looking at theatre from a production viewpoint. It discusses the commercial West End theatre industry, how it operates and how its links with other associated industries, such as the travel, tourism and business communities.  


  • Contrast and compare commercial theatre to other business models, exploring the process of creating a show from concept to opening night

  • Discuss West End theatre's influence on other industries, including Leisure and Tourism, Group Travel, Ticketing and Hospitality

  • Discuss funding models, investments and financial planning

Producing Theatre

If you want to stage your own productions, this seminar discussion explores all aspects of producing a play or musical in either the subisdised and commercial sector.


Discussions may include:


  • Planning ahead for the show you want to make, licensing, legality and rights

  • Raising money from grants, charities, crowdfunding, sponsorship or commercial investment

  • The creative process from concept to opening night

  • Selling your show and moving forward

Working Freelance


It's not only actors and performers who work freelance. Since the recession, being a freelance entrepreneur has become all the rage.


Working Freelance can look at any industry, so if your students are heading that direction, this is an essential workshop for them!

  • Discuss the highs and lows, benefits and pit-falls

  • Tax and accounting

  • Marketing, self-management and business planning

Public Speaking Masterclass

Public speaking is an essential part of professional life, especially when working in Sales, Marketing, in any Self-Employed profession or Business Management, not to mention teaching!


Inspired by professional acting techniques, this fun and entertaining workshop discusses our fears and anxieties over speaking in public, supported by practical exercises to build confidence.


Workshops may include:

  • Breathing, voice and speech techniques to improve the quality of the voice

  • Body language and presentation skills

  • Creative use of language and delivery style

  • Networking and pitching skills