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Theatre Workout Representation offers performers and creatives the opportunity to take control of their own careers with professional, reliable support.

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Our Members

Adam Milford

Adam started working in theatre professionally in 1994, and has spent his entire career training and working in theatre as an Actor, Director, Producer, Dramaturg, Coach and West End Collaborator. 

Actor, Director and all-round Practitioner

Jo Little-King

Singaporean-Indian actor working in London


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Members are selected on a case-by-case basis. Our only criteria is that you have at least three years professional experience, are a member of Spotlight, you conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner, and you are motivated to advance your career. 


Our Promise to Casting Professionals

Theatre Workout Representation is a professional agency founded to give dedicated, experienced and driven performers and creatives more control over their future careers, helping them develop strong relationships with the industry to secure paid, professional work. 

As casting professional, you can be assured we will only make valid submissions and provide highly experienced talent to each and every one of your projects.